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A Michigan Medicine pediatrician offers tips to manage anxiety in young patients — and what to do when it’s time for a shot.

Healthy vegetables

New research shows parental reactions to picky eating can have long-term effects, for better or worse. Here’s how to make peace at mealtime.


Moving Beyond Opioids


Dealing with Bad Air Quality

Image of the eye of a hurricane

What to Do Before a Hurricane

Advance Preparations

An elderly person in the hospital

Many geriatric patients are likely to experience a medical issue that prompts a trip to the local emergency department. These preparations can make the visit go smoothly.

Man sitting alone

Loneliness Affects All Ages

Eating Out

Eating disorders affect people of all ages and body types. A Michigan Medicine expert speaks about warning signs and how to approach the subject.


A cancer diagnosis can be unexpected and overwhelming. Use these tips to be informed and proactive in finding your care team.

Acne on a woman's chin

Controlling Problem Pimples