Children and Diabetes (National Diabetes Education Program)

Parents of children with diabetes often have concerns about the disease, its impact on their family, and how to keep their children safe and healthy.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia--Conditions & Diseases

The site allows you to browse by type of disease.  Once you have selected your choice, you can read more about the condition or disease: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment.

Diabetes for Parents & Kids

This section of the American Diabetes Association website focuses on helping families adjust to life with diabetes. Topics covered include partnering with school faculty to ensure a student's health and safety, sports and recreation, babysitters, and much more.

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Children

This brief article is from the American Diabetes Association. Read it to learn about what Type 2 Diabetes is, then discover ways it can be prevented or its onset can be delayed in children and teens, even those at risk.

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